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For 100 years, Galliher and Huguely, has dedicated itself to providing its customers premier service, quality products, and competitive pricing. G&H, as we have been know for a century, has all of the products that you are looking for when it comes to new home construction, remodeling, and multi-family residential construction. We are Washington, D.C.’s one stop shop for all of your building and remodeling needs. Whether you are in the area and want to pick something up, or if you want it delivered, G&H will take care of you. We are conveniently located in NW Washington, D.C at the intersection of Blair Rd. and Kansas Ave. Our phone number is 202-723-1000.

In addition, new to Galliher & Huguely, in 2012 is our Designer Showroom located off of Wisconsin Ave. in downtown Bethesda / Chevy Chase. Here you will be able to meet with one of our expert design sales personnel who will assist you with custom cabinets, windows, doors, mouldings, and designer hardware for your upcoming job.

What you will find at G&H…


Galliher & Huguely has been providing quality framing and treated lumber, plywood, wood boards, and flooring to the Washington area builders and contractors for a century. Need it dropped at your job, G&H can also deliver your lumber order, usually the next day.

Building Materials

Need drywall and joint compound, we have them along with all of your other building materials needs. In addition to drywall and joint compound, Galliher & Huguely also carries metal studs, roofing products, insulation, masonite, ceiling tile, cement board and house wrap. All products are in stock and ready for same day pick up, or in most cases next day delivery.


Interior or Exterior, French or Patio, Wood, Steel or Fiberglass, we have the door or door unit that you want. G&H stocks hollow core interior doors units and door slabs. In addition, we stock various styles and sizes of wood door slabs, and what we don’t have we can get within a couple of days. For your exterior door units, including steel, patio, and french doors, G&H will special order these door units to your specifications, including style, size, finish and trim. Door units, depending on the type, can usually be to your home or job within a matter of days. Furthermore, once your door unit arrives to G&H, we will ship it out to you ASAP.


In need of a replacement window or building a new home and need new windows? Galliher & Huguely can special order your window of choice. Our experienced sales staff can assist you with choosing the right kind of window as well as take measurements to ensure accuracy when ordering your windows. Whether you need wood windows, clad windows, or vinyl windows, Galliher & Huguely can assist with whichever type of window you desire.


Need some masonry sand or washed gravel delivered to your job site? G&H has it in stock and can get to you within a day. In addition to sand, we have brick and cinder block, concrete, mortar and portland cement. All of your basic masonry needs are in stock and ready for pick up or delivery at Galliher & Huguely.


Not only is Galliher & Huguely a full scale lumber, building supply, masonry, and millwork supplier, we also have a full line of hardware in stock. Whether you need plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, paint and sundries, seasonal materials, as well as all of your screw, nails and fastener needs. Stop by Galliher & Huguely to pick up that hardware item you are looking for today.


If you are in the need of cabinets or mouldings, look no further than Galliher & Huguely. We specialize in providing quality millwork to the Washington, DC area. If you are in the market for kitchen or bathroom cabinets, come by our new Designer Showroom and let one of our expert design sales personnel help you with choosing the right cabinet style for you needs and budget, as well as help you with the design. Have a unique piece of moulding you need to match? No problem. Let Galliher & Huguely help you match or replace your existing moulding. In addition, at our Designer Showroom, we can order decorative custom mouldings. Be sure to pay us a visit.


At Galliher & Huguely, we appreciate your patronage and look forward to the opportunity to providing you quality products, but even more so, top notch service.