Galliher & Huguely Provides Quality Plywood to Washington, DC Builders, Contractors, and Homeowners

Galliher & Huguely has CDX Plywood, Cabinet Grade Plywood, and Underlayment in stock, plus so much more.

Whatever grade of plywood your project calls for, Galliher & Huguely will be able to help you out. Whether it is rough cut CDX plywood, or cabinet grade birch plywood, we have it in stock, and if we don’t have what you need in stock, we can special order it and have it for you in few days. To find out pricing or to place an order, please call our main location at 202-723-1000.

Here is the plywood that Galliher & Huguely has in stock…

CDX Plywood

washington-dc-cdx-plywoodIf you are in need of rough exterior grade CDX plywood, come by Galliher & Huguely and get what you need, or if you can’t make it to our convenient NW Washington, DC location, let us deliver it to you. We also carry Pressure Treated CDX as well as CDX Fire Rated Plywood.

4×8 3/8″ CDX Pine Plywood

4×8 1/2″ CDX Pine Plywood 3-Ply

4×8 5/8″ CDX Pine Plywood

4×8 3/4″ CDX Pine Plywood

4×8 1/2″ CDX Pressure Treated Plywood

4×8 3/4″ CDX Pressure Treated Plywood

4×8 1/2″ CDX Fire Treated Plywood

4×8 3/4″ CDX Fire Treated Plywood

Cabinet Grade Plywood

If you looking to build your own, or repair existing cabinets, we have the cabinet Grade Plywood you need in stock, including Birch and Red Oak Plywoods.

washington-dc-ac-plywood4×8 1/4″ AC Plywood (Exterior Grade)

4×8 1/2 AC Plywood (Exteriror Grade)

4×8 3/4 AC Plywood (Exteriror Grade)

washington-dc-birch-plywood4×8 1/4″ A-4 Birch Plywood

4×8 1/2″ C-3 Birch Plywood

4×8 3/4″ 7ply Birch Plywood


4×8 3/4″ C3 V/C Red Oak Plywood




4×8 5.2 MM Lauan Plywood

Underlayment and Subflooring

washington-dc-subflooringGalliher & Huguely carries both high end and more cost effective underlayments in stock.


4×8 3/4″ T&G Advantech

4×8 3/4″ LP350 Orange Sturdi Floor

4×8 3/4″ LP450 Sturdi Floor

4×8 3/4″ T&G Dry-Ply Under Layment

4×8 5/8″ T&G Pine Under Layment

OSB Plywood

washington-dc-osb-plywoodIf you are in need of cost effective OSB plywood. we have it in stock ready for pick or for delivery.



4×8 3/4 T&G OSB

4×9 7/16″ OSB

4×8 7/16″ OSB

4×8 5/8″ OSB

4×8 7/16″ OSB Zip Sheathing

4×8 1/2″ OSB

Composition Plywoods

If it is shelving you need, then Galliher & Huguely has what you need in stock. In addition, if you are looking for MDO plywood to complete your front porch area, we have it in stock as well. G&H also carries in stock Homasote and Hushboard.

washington-dc-mdo-plywood4×8 3/8″ MDO Plywood Primed 1 Side

4×8 1/2″ MDO Plywood Primed 1 Side

4×8 3/4″ MDO Plywood Primed 1 Side

washington-dc-tempered-hardboard4×8 1/8″ Tempered Hardboard

4×8 1/4″ Tempered Hardboard


washington-dc-mdf-plywood4×8 3/4″ MDF



washington-dc-hushboard4×8 1/2″ GP Hushboard



washington-dc-homosote4×8 1/2″ Homasote



washington-dc-corex4×8 Corex





3/4″x12″ 12/0 MDF Nosed Shelving

3/4″x16″ 12/0 MDF Nosed Shelving


Plywood Siding and Wall Paneling

Interior or exterior, it doesn’t matter. Galliher & Huguely has the siding or wall paneling that need, including the aromatic Cedar Closet Lining. If we don’t have in stock what you are looking for, our Special Order Department will try and track it down for you.

4×8 5/8″ YP T1-11 4″ on center Siding

4×8 3/8″ Plybead

3-3/4″ Cedar Closet Lining

To contact Galliher & Huguely’s main location, please call 202-723-1000.